The Green Room is the place to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate yourself (in the classic nerdy way).

This online magazine hopes to be your sole companion and comrade to help you increase your EQ and FQ. Yes, you guessed it right. EQ obviously stands for ‘Emotional Quotient’. But ever heard of FQ? Well, probably not, because we just came up with it right here. It’s your ‘Finance Quotient’, as we like to call it.  

Here’s to being financially and emotionally intelligent, and have fun enroute! But How? Well, here are the sections you can look forward to at The Green Room.

The Bottom Line

Finance is something which has neither been given its due at the school curriculum, nor does it form part of your usual  “on-the-job” learnings (surprisingly, not even when you have by some stroke of bad luck landed in the finance department). We will strive to provide you with some insights into this least understood world of finance, right from the basics, every fortnight, to help you in some way to manage your finances better. 

Martini Shots

Martini Shots are the last end-of-the-day shots for you to grab on and wrap your head around, which will hopefully help you with your typical existential crisis or other everyday concerns about life. 


Life is not all about relationships, managing finances and bosses. A lot of it is also about things we like – things that certainly entertain us.

At this section, we’ll share our take on recent or not-so-recent books and films that catch our attention, in the form of pithy reviews – for you to know whether you would like to check it out.